February wrap up, Seven, Dopplerganger and Minicomicon!

Whoa if February had a face I would simultaneously kiss it and give it an Archie slap!

It’s been a HUGE month! Not only did I attend the amazing Festival of the Photocopier (and meet some excellent people) I also released –

Seven #5, which you can pick up HERE~ and 

Dopplerganger, which I’m SO PROUD OF, and now has a special preorder that comes with an original bookplate HERE!

I also ran an independent Minicomics event in Brisbane called Minicomicon, and it went really well! It was a huge learning experience for me and running it on my own was a much bigger task than I anticipated, but everyone has been asking about next year so clearly they want more! It was a really exciting day and not only were over a dozen local and interstate creators there, a good portion of them had created minicomics specifically for the event, which is the most inspiring part of the experience! I’ve written a bit of a blog post about it over on my tumblr, check it out if you have an interest!

Here are some photos from Minicomicon!

And the new books and ALSO FLY THE COLOUR FANTASTICA is almost at launch oh my gosh! I’m so proud to have been a part of this book and you should check out their event page HERE and GO ALONG if you’re in Melbourne!

I also did a quick interview on Minicomicon with the fantastic Sonja from JOY 94.9 – my first time in a for reals studio! You can listen to that here!

2015 Plans!


2015 is shaping up to look like such a big year, with heaps of exciting things! I’m really pumped now that January is over (January, what a blech month for getting anything done) to get moving on it!

AND SO! Below is what I’m planning for this year, comics and events if things go well –


I’m planning on two Seven books this year, #5 and #6. I’m almost finished with book #5 now, and I’m really proud of the work in it. These last books really bring the entire story together and I can’t wait to get them all done! Book #5 is scheduled for release February, and #6 in October.


AAAAAAAAH SO EXCITED for Svalbard! Caitlin and I are working hard on the first issue and can’t wait to share it – it’s looking amazing! We’re planning on having two issues out this year as well, the first planned for April release.


The next minicomic in the Heavens universe, Eki and Clo dare the wrath of the Feds to explore a clue to a long lost species, but what are they stumbling into? Due for a February release.


A mini of emotions and misunderstandings but mostly love. Scheduled for a June release.

Among the Stars

A Heavens mini about choices and what we have. Scheduled for an August/September release.


This is the minimum I’m aiming to achieve this year – along with a month in Japan! It’ll be a big year, but we can do it together! I’m really looking forward to it!



Alisha J

I Grew Up Beautiful now online!

In the rush of last year I had completely forgotten to put I Grew Up Beautiful online for people to read – it’s had amazing reactions and I’m still so proud of it, so I’ve not only loaded it onto Tumblr (go share it if you like it? :D) but also onto the page here onto the website!

If you like it, please consider picking up a hardcopy of the minicomic in my store! It’s a really well printed, beautiful little mini and there aren’t many copies left now! Don’t miss out!


Brisnova 2014!

Haaa Supanova Brisbane 2014 was amazing!

I met so many wonderful people and had some REALLY good conversations – I next to other comics people but this gave me a really good chance to look at how table traffic went for others around me. I try to make every event a learning experience but it was really more fun than normal!

I also got to thinking about the posts I see online (especially on facebook) about how independent creators never make money at conventions – no one ever seems to post what kind of money they’re thinking, but the last few years I’ve at least broken even on my costs so I did a few little posts for anyone thinking of doing a convention. I don’t make any impressive kind of amount, but it’s improving every year and I’m confident this will continue as long as I keep working hard!

If you’re interested –

Breakdown of breaking even

$ per hour analysis

Table set up analysis

Thank you to everyone who said hello or stopped by, and even bigger thank you to everyone who bought something! You really inspire me to do better comics, and more of them too!

OH MY! Comics launch!


Welcome to the Oh My! Comics site – I’m so excited to launch this site, and this imprint. I’ve been planning for some time to branch out from a very simple self publishing method into something bigger and more sustainable, AND I have a Super Secret and amazing announcement to make shortly!

While Oh My! will still primarily be an imprint for my own work, I’ll be branching out and working with an amazing artist on a new project that is going to be SO GREAT, so keep your eyes peeled!


<3 Alisha J